Did we mention we make shoes? Lots of flat ones. 

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LOVE FROM CALIFORNIA // Bethany Toews, Artist and Writer

Radical Yes x Bethany Toews

"Writing is my way of sitting down to listen for my own voice. I have been writing most of my life and am still constantly amazed at the things that come out when I sit down with the page. A loving excavation. A ritual of truth." Meet Wonder Woman and creative Bethany Toews as she hears hearts and finds herself in nomadic adventure.

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LOVE FROM L.A. // Elise Mesner, Photographer and Illustrator

Radical Yes x Elise Mesner

"I’m looking for all the miracles. I enjoy discovering ways to play with what I find most meaningful in the simplest or complex of subjects. Magnifying beauty, listening to the rhythm. Allowing myself to be amazed over and over again..." Meet LA based wonder woman Photographer, Illustrator and Designer, Elise Mesner

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