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What makes our shoes so Radical?

It’s all in the details...

Removable Leather Footbed - Our famous removable leather foot bed features an athletic shoe standard padded sole designed for optimum comfort and durability and is the radical reason that our shoes so damn comfortable. Wear orthotics? No problem. Simply remove the footbed from the shoe and replace with your orthotic footbed. No more changing sizes to fit your inserts! YES!

Super Flexible Sole - Capable of more bend than a yoga pose, the super flexible rubber sole is high quality ‘thick pack’ rubber resin.

Added Rubber Veneer Heel Cap - Built for pounding the pavement on a daily basis we have double capped our heel tips to ensure greater durability and strength to protect against heel wear.

Durable Metal Lace Caps - Wrapped metal cap finishes ensure no lace fraying, and make lacing your booties a super fast dream. We think they look super neat to boot!


Caring for your Toe Tappers

Radical Yes! shoes are designed with care and made by hand with top quality materials.

To ensure you get the most joy out of your shoes please follow our care guidelines and if you have any questions drop us an email to yes@radicalyes.com.au


Leather is a wonderful material, breathable, durable and beautiful. But without a bit of love it can dry out and deteriorate.

For optimum care, we recommend you spray your new shoes with "Waproo Waterproofer" to protect them from unexpected showers.

Polish your leather shoes around once a month and clean when necessary with a leather conditioner and soft rag to remove any dirt accumulated on your travels.

For extra special treatment, polishing can help renew shoes that have developed scratches or other signs of regular wear. Wax and cream polishes available from a local shoe repairer will breath new life into your beloved toe tappers. Once your newly polished shoes have dried you can re-apply a waterproof spray for extra protection.


At Radical Yes! we love using textiles for our shoes. Fabric is comfortable and lets us to go wild with chambrays, prints and tapestries, but it does need a bit of care to stay looking radical.

When your shoes are shiny and new, we suggest using a stain and water-resistant spray to keep them looking in tip top shape and keep dirt and water from messing them up. We recommend “Waproo Water and Stain Protector”.

Excessive exposure to water is not your fabric shoes friend, it can cause the colours to run and can change the shape of the shoes so check the weather and avoid those puddles.

To clean fabric toe tappers, use a soft towel and a speciality fabric cleaning product and aim for an all over clean as spot cleaning can produce uneven patches.


Suede is another beauty of a material we are particularly fond of, It is soft, comfortable and takes colour well so we can bring rich and vivid tones to your feet.

To prolong the life of your suede toe tappers, first treat with a protective spray to help repel water, dirt and stains.

If you do manage to stain your suede or nubuck shoes, use a suede cleaning block or a treatment product from your local shoe repairer. Once clean, use a suede brush to restore the lovely texture (or nap).


Calf skin is a radical fabric but is extremely delicate and will eventually wear over time.

As with all our shoes, a protective spray will help your shoes last longer and prevent damage from water and dirt.

To prolong the life of your pony hair toe tappers we recommend you do not wear in super bad weather, and also note wearing while driving can rub the hair off the back of the shoes near the heel so take care!

For maintenance, wipe smoothly following the natural direction of the hair with a damp cloth. Try to avoid soaking or saturating the shoes as water can be damaging. Use a hard plastic brush to remove dirt and keep the hair looking soft, fluffy and radical.

Photo: Marnie Hawson

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