Size Chart

We get it. Shopping for shoes online is hard!

Couple that with the fact different materials can behave differently even on the same patterns, along with the small variations that can occur due to the hand made boutique manufacturing process our shoes are made in, and the task can become even more tricky to find your most radical fit. 

Don't despair though - for your convenient reference we have included an individually assessed size guide on the product page for every style in our range which includes a size grid with measurements as well as production notes for how things are fitting our in-store customers to help you make the most informed decision on your size. 

From time to time you may find your size changes across styles which is why it is always worth checking your size on the size chart supplied by style.

It is not unusual to go up a size in a slip on style versus a lace up style in our production. And yes, whilst it would be lovely if we could guarantee you will be the same size every time in our styles, the reality is due to our small batch production and the materials we use largely being natural materials with varying tensions and handles, we will never be able to promise a 'machine made' exact standard fit. And to be fair, that is something we think makes our shoes truly radical and is one of the reasons we offer a reply paid, free exchange service on all full priced items purchased in our store.

Always feel free to call at anytime - 0437 933 073. We love hearing from you and would be happy to help you find your perfect fit. You can also email us - for extra help working out your size.