Radical Yes 'TRUE SQUARE' Neoprene Clutch - Navy / Blush



Radical Yes Carry is a series of limited edition bags purpose built for the wonder woman with the world in her hands.

Our new collection of limited edition clutches was developed, as always, with functionality at the heart of the design. Fully reversible, this generous sized clutch offers you two radical styling options to pair with any number of ensembles. Embossed in true gold, the words ‘Hasten Slowly’ feature on the navy side of this fully reversible bag, while the soft blush outer keeps things simple.

Made from Neoprene, the clutch is luxuriously weighted and features a secure wrist strap and quality zipper, ensuring a highly durable wear on the daily.


We are utterly enamored with the complimentary effect of our new navy and blush clutch. As these bags are fully reversible, the colour pairing not only works together but also functions as two unique statements, ideal for transcending the classic day-to-night outfit reboot! Both colours exude a timeless quality designed to couple seamlessly with almost any arrangement.


The perfectly slender true square pictured here is actually quite deceptive - though that’s exactly what we love about the Neoprene textile used across the new carry collection! While these clutches will hold their slim figure when carrying keys, diary and wallet, the supple quality of this material means that you can also comfortably transport double your daily essentials with total ease!


HAND MADE & CUT. Vegan friendly Textile (Neoprene) outer backed with 8 oz invisible Canvas to add weight and structure / YKK metal teeth zipper. Non-Animal glues and hand stitching. 

True Square measures -  (approx) 25cm wide x 25cm deep. No gusset / flat seam finish. Fully reversible.


Neoprene is a naturally durable and stain resistant textile however we recommend hand washing with a gentle cloth and detergent as the metal zipper dosen't love machine washing.

Unique to Radical YES Carry;

  • Always limited edition product - we have made only 50 units of this style and they will sell fast
  • Best quality YKK metal zippers
  • Fully reversible inner / outer option
  • Best quality materials
  • Just say YES!