Radical Testimonials

There is nothing we love more than hearing feedback from our wonder woman customers - it helps and inspires us to constantly push the boundaries of what we do and strive to make our shoes as close to perfect as possible.

Word of mouth from happy customers is also one of the best ways we have been able to grow our family business and build our community of wonder women.

Here are a few kind words some of our radical, loyal and happy customers had to say...

Feedback on our shearling boot range.

I love my shearling boots! They look gorgeous and stylish but are secretly as cosy as slippers. Respectable slippers you can wear out of the house?! It's a winter miracle! I get totally distracted and miserable when my feet are cold so these boots are good for my brain and my mood. Wonders all through winter... a very happy, very cosy RY customer once again and always! – Jessica

I was already a convert to Radical Yes flats but my new shearling boots are hands down the best shoes that I have every brought into my life. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I could work these boots when I first saw them but neither could I get them off my mind. The shearling and the woolly lining is so soft – you have to feel it to believe it. Best of all these boots are so very light, they feel like a pair of beautiful space clouds upon your feet. With socks, without socks, my feet never overheat in these lush beauties. Honestly, the hardest part was choosing which pair. – Justine

I LOVE the black shearling beauties. They keep my feet toasty warm, are super comfortable and look great, I have received lots of compliments. Winter can kiss my booties. – Kylie

General Feedback on our products.

I have many pairs of your shoes and people constantly stop me asking me about them, so thank you for making show stopping shoes. – Mandy

I dropped by the post office this morning to pick up my beautiful green and gold dharma shoes! Am in love! Thank you! Have already had comments on my luscious green shoes this morning. I teach in a university so I get to share my Radical Yes love all day in class. – Brett

A quick note to let you know my RY Cheetahs arrived 36 hours after I ordered them. They're divine and so needed on a freezing day like today! – Natalie

I am already imagining myself in my new rad hi tops, languidly admiring them for a bit and them taking them out for a leap or two around the back garden. – Margaret

Love your shoes so much - it is great to have not-sore feet at the end of the day!! – Samantha

 My cheetah size 43s have been brilliant, SO comfy and I feel stylish whenever I wear them, regardless of whatever else I've got on. – Christy

I have worn them almost to death; they are my favourite shoes. They are so comfy, quirky and get comments every time I wear them. – Sarah