Our Ethos

Radical Yes Flat Shoe LiberationWe make practical footwear for modern women.
Shoes to liberate and empower.

How so? 

Our shoes are bold.
They make a statement, without breaking your lower back.

Our shoes look sharp.
Because we believe comfortable shoes can be beautiful.

Our shoes help keep you grounded.
The best place to make decisions from, is with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Our shoes let you take a practical stance.
We make products for women who dress for themselves.

Radical Yes About Us

Radical Consciousness

We work towards creating a brand and product that is conscious and considered of everything we do throughout all our processes.

This includes:

Conscious Product

• We make beautiful flat shoes with athletic inner soles for practical wear

• Product designed with the lifestyle of our customer in mind

• Useful product made with function and comfort in mind

• Designed to solve wardrobe problems

• We source and make with quality materials for longer product life

• We like to make shoes to walk, run, jump and dance in.

Conscious Manufacturing

• Our products are hand made in small quantities

• Shipped by sea, not by air to reduce carbon emissions

• Housed in plastic free packaging

• Made from hand picked quality materials 

• Natural plant based rubber outsoles

• Animal-free glues used on our products

• Vegan options always included every season.

Conscious Retail

• We support a Shop Local ethos

• We prefer street shopping not malls

• We provide work/life balance work hours for our staff

• We encourage Care and Repair of all products

• Our Toe Tapper Trade initiative helps our not-for-profit partner.

• Closed Sundays for rest, family and gallery visits


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