We believe in small footprint.

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We believe in small footprint.

Italian photographer Francesco Pergolesi returned to his small home town to find many of his favourite childhood local shops were disappearing, falling to the ongoing expansion of global brands and 'fast consumption'.

At Radical Yes we always live by the ethos 'Hasten Slowly' and treasure the intimate relationship we are able to have with our customers in our small but luxurious Fitting Salon.

Francesco's photo series, titled Heroes is a is a celebration of small, independent stores run by passionate owners who are bucking the system to make their living. He beautifully describes these people and spaces as such...

"Temple guardians of a little vanishing world, brave and full of passion, they valiantly defend the meeting places for human exchange and relationships, set in unpretentious frames, nibbled by the passing of time."

See the whole series here.


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