MOVE & BE MOVED: Marnie Hawson x Radical Yes

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MOVE & BE MOVED: Marnie Hawson x Radical Yes

We met Marnie Hawson where we meet all the most talented and creative up and coming photographers - via Instagram! Marnie's back ground is radical. Once an environmental scientist, Marnie bravely left the corporate world when the lure of working for herself to persue her true passion of photography and product styling become more than all consuming. 

A self-confessed obsessive list-maker, Marnie explains that her style is all about "capturing the little moments, the unnoticed, and the details of the grander scheme."  Ever the scientist with an enquiring mind, Marnie believes that "the best things usually happen when nobody is looking... except I’m always looking." 

Our brief to Marnie is always an open one. We never provide too much direction because we love Marnie's interpretation of what we do and as a result Marnie's style has become a signature part of the Radical Yes way. In between reviewing snaps of our back catalogue of her work for our Spring 14 campaign, we asked Marnie to finish a few sentences for us... 

I officially considered myself a photographer when…."somebody was brave enough to actually give me money in exchange for taking photos!"

 A good picture should be…."able to evoke a feeling or emotion, or challenge the way the viewer thinks about something".

 I feel at my most creative when…"faced with new subject matter that is not perceived to be very interesting, it challenges me to create something out of the ordinary".

 Working with Radical Yes has been…."collaborative and creative!"

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